A photo of our Sweet Sujuk in a box with kiwis, walnuts, strawberries and grapes layed out in front of the box, helping to show what flavours we carry.
Pieces of Sweet Sujuk cut up and layed out. There is a box of the sweet sujuk that is ready to be packed and eaten

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Introducing Chella's Sweet Sujuk, a traditional delight of walnuts bound together by natural fruit juices. 

Contents: 12 pieces - 480g total

Flavours: Strawberry, Kiwi, Grape (4 pieces of each)

Ingredients: Natural Fruit Juices, Walnuts, Flour, Sugar

  • Simple Ingredients

    Get rid of the junk food with a sweet snack that is actually good for you!
  • Simply Exotic

    Impress your friends with a new and unique snack.
  • Absolutely Delicious

    Our recipes have survived 1000's of years for a reason - because they are delicious!