Churchkhela Recipe

Chella is composed of walnuts which are dipped in a reduced fruit juice known as “badagi”.

Step 1

Selecting The Nuts

The first step is to select the nuts. The walnuts used in Chella must be fresh, unsalted, and of the highest quality.

Once the nuts have been selected, they are hand-threaded using just a sewing needle!

Step 2

Producing the Fruit Badagi

The next step is creating the fruit badagi. This is done by boiling fruit juice, or mashed fruits, until the mixture has a honey-like consistency.

Once the fruit juice has reached this stage it is ready to be further thickened with a touch of flour.

Step 3

Dipping and Drying

Once the fruit badagi has been prepared, the nuts are dipped into it, ensuring that every part of the walnut is coated.

The nuts are then hung to dry on a rack. Throughout the next several days, the Chella will sun-dry and turn into a delicous and chewy snack!

Step 4


Once the Chella is sufficiently dry, it is ready to be enjoyed by yourself and anyone you choose to share with.

The end result of Churchkhela's traditional recipe is a delicious and healthy snack that is perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea or brought with you to work, school, a picnic, hiking trail or anywhere else you might get hungry!