Shipping Information

How We Ship

All Chella products are placed inside a cardboard box with tissue paper for protection during its journey to you

Eco-Friendly Chella is packaged in a kraft paper bag that is fully recyclable. No plastic is used for this packaging style!

Resealable Chella is individually packaged into zippered bags which give them an easy mode of transportation, and a convenient place to put the chella if you don’t eat it all at once! 

Chella Bites are packaged in easy-to-use resealable bags. The shallow and wide shape allows the bites to be easily picked out to eat at any time!


Western USA: 3-7 business days

Eastern USA: 4-9 business days

Western Canada: 1-4 business days

Eastern Canada: 3-7 business days

All orders over $75 receive free shipping.

Yes! If you believe your product not up to our quality standards, please visit our refund policy below for more information.

Refund policy.