Shipping Information

How We Ship

All Chella products are placed inside a shipping box with tissue paper for protection during its journey to you!

Eco-Friendly Chella is wrapped in parchment paper and packed into a kraft bag.

Resealable Chella is individually packed into zippered bags which give them the ability of transportation.

Chella Bites are packaged in easy-to-use resealable bags. The shallow and wide shape allows the bites to be easily picked out to eat at any time!

Sweet Sujuk is packaged into bakery box with a Chella sticker to keep everything enclosed!


Western Canada: 1-4 business days

Eastern Canada: 4-8 business days

Western USA: 4-8 business days

Eastern USA: 4-9 business days

All orders over $75 will automatically receive free shipping at checkout.

If you believe your product not up to our quality standards, please visit our refund policy below for more information.

Refund policy.