Full Dozen Bundle (12)


*We decided to move from 10 to 12 Chella so that assorted bundles would have an equal amount of each flavour*

Our bundle option is perfect to load up on Chella® for a dinner party or picnic!

Please let us know what quantities of flavours you would like in your bundle. Every bundle has a total of 12 Chellas®.

Eco-Friendly Chella is packaged in a kraft paper bag that is fully recyclable. No plastic is used for this packaging style!

Current Flavours: Red Grape, Apple Pie, Pomegranate & Apricot

Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Walnuts, Flour, Cinnamon (Apple Pie only)

Possible Allergens: Gluten and Walnuts



The thread is not edible. It serves as an essential part of the traditional preparation method, and a guarantee of the handcrafted nature of our Chella.

Our Chellas contains 90 kcal and 6g of natural sugar per serving size (20 grams). Every Chella is approximately 80 grams which means a total of 360 kcal and 24 grams of natural sugars in each.

Store in a dry, ventilated place, at a temperature not exceeding 22°C/71.6°F, like in your pantry!

In these conditions, Chella is good for up to 6 months. However, fresh Chella always tastes better. If stored for a longer period of time, a white coating may appear, don't be alarmed! This is the natural sugar coming to the surface as it dries. This is the process that allows Chella to keep for so long without any preservatives (natural sugar from fruit juice acts as a preservative). Do not store Chella in a sealed bag, plastic container or refrigerator!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jim Wheeler
Very good

What my wife and I tried, so far have been really good.

Irina Firsov

Thank you, everything is great. It was a gift, my husband was delighted!!!

Olena Ivanov

Full Bundle (10)

Tetyana Lovaghy

I enjoy it! All chellas are delicious! My personal favourite is apricot’s and apple pie! Definitely recommend to try this healthy and very tasty treats

So yum!

(My previous comment didn't display properly for some reason after i submitted it).
I grew up in Uzbekistan and I had a friend who's granma Always made these! So glad they started to make them here in Vancouver, the taste brings me back to my childhood😍