A bundle of Churchkhela hung over a cutting board that has apples, cinnamon, walnuts and wheat stocks displayed on it
A brown bag with 3 Pomegranate Churchkhela inside. The bag is inside a shipping box that has burgundy gift wrap paper inside.
Apple Pie Chella surrounded by walnuts, cinnamon and apples.
A photo of a girl hiking in Vancouver while eating a churchkhela by chella.

Introducing Chella's Sweet Sujuk, a traditional delight of walnuts bound together by natural fruit juices. Dive into Mediterranean culture today!

Contents: 12 pieces - 480g total

Flavours: Strawberry, Kiwi, Grape (4 pieces of each)

Ingredients: Natural Fruit Juices, Walnuts, Flour, Sugar

  • Simple Ingredients

    Get rid of the junk food with a sweet snack that is actually good for you!
  • Simply Exotic

    Impress your friends with a new and unique snack.
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    Our recipes have survived 1000's of years for a reason - because they are delicious!